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I swear to God I'm so pissed off right now. I've never been so annoyed in all my life.

So first of all, my new manager at work is a bitch. She has absolutely no dance experience yet thinks she can run a dance company AND tells me how to plan my lessons. Stupid whore. I swear to God if I could get away with it I would totally kill her.

Second of all: Men. I absolutely hate them right now. My best friend is a diamond, he really is. But the rest? urgh. Even the ones who are just my friends are really annoying me, especially one called Nick. Now you're going to be hearing a lot about Nick (Lucky you :P), we have major issues yet someone always end up friends again. The lastest row is over me saying that sometimes it is right to lie. Like for instance, I absolutely loathe my friends boyfriend, but I lie and tell her that I like him. That's the right thing to do in my opinion right? Less tension, less hostility, more happy friend. Right? Apperently no, I'm 'immorral' to lie and that particular lie makes me two-faced. I mean come on! What am I meant to say? 'I really hate your boyfriend and hope he gets run over by a truck?' Grrr. And now my ex is behaving like a dickhead as well. I think men should be caged or something. *wishes*

And thirdly why the hell do people lie about their family dying as a way to get attention???? I had a member PM me saying that her 13 year old twin sister died in childbirth and could she make an honour thread for her, so I hardly believe her now but I give her the benefit of the doubt. THEN I get a PM from someone who then said he was their triplet and how glad he was I said a thread could be made. I mean come on, is it just me or is that a total lie?? What really annoys me is that my parents and brother *did* die in a car accident whn I was 14. That was obnviously one of the hardest times for me, yet she is spouting off lies like that purely to get attention.


Okay, so I apologise for ranting so much, but things kind of got ontop of me, I promise to be happier next post!

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